Perbedaan Copy, Duplicate, Replicate, Reproduce dan Clone

Replicate, Duplicate, Repreduce, Copy dan Clone adalah kumpulan kata kata yang hampir memiliki arti yang sama, belum tahu perbedaannya?, Berikut penjelasannya
Berdasarkan Merriam-Webster dictionary

Replicate (duplicate, repeat, make a replica of something) --
Duplicate (to make double or twofold, to make a copy of, to produce something equal to, to do over or again often needlessly ) --
Reproduce (to produce new individuals of the same kind by a sexual or asexual process, to cause to exist again or anew, to imitate closely, to make a representation, to make a copy of something, to produce something that is the same as or very similar to something else, to cause something to happen again in the same way)--
Copy (duplicate, to make a copy or duplicate of, to model oneself on, to make something so that it resembles an existing thing)- 
Clone (to propagate a clone from, to make a copy of, to produce a clone) --
Kadang juga kita temui "repeat", "follow", "recreate", "twin", "twofold", "double" and "represent" duplicating and replicatingtapi saya masih belum benar-benar mengerti bagaimana menggunakan kata-kata ini dalam konteksnya. 
Berikut adalah contoh penggunaannya dalam kalimat
I've got to clone this image tonight; the paper of the original is quite old already (to replicatethe image)
Those features were reproduced in another software of a kind. (were duplicated)
I wish I could replicate ideas with a flick of a hand. (produce more of those ideas)
She wasn't copying the dog. She was trying to irritate it. (resembling the dog)
The statue was duplicated in several countries. (a copy of the statue was created in several countries)
Dengan kalimat yang lebih sederhana
Can you repeat his journey on paper? (replicate in on paper)
It follows every nuance of that situation. (repeats every nuance)
I wonder if it's possible to recreate the act they showed? (to replicate the act)
This is a twin of the car you saw in Boston! (a clone)
Why do you twofold every page you print? (make a copy of)
This machine doubles what they create. (duplicates the creation)
This model represents the building on Backer st. (it is reproduced to look like)


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